Congratulations to LCC for receiving the Massachusetts Cultural Council Gold Star Award for their Folktales Project. The Gold Star Award was only rewarded to a select few organizations throughout Massachusetts.

Maha Ghosananda College of Phnom Voar
Chamkar Bei, Phnom Voar, Kep, Cambodia

Maha Ghosananda College The mission of the Maha Ghosananda College of Phnom Voar is to prepare a core group of community leaders to secure their community's rights to education, healthcare, and an adequate standard of living; to political participation; and to religious and cultural expression. The Maha Ghosananda School of Phnom Voar, Kep invites your engagement, input, active participation, and financial support in its development.
For more information, please contact Chath pierSath at (Cambodia) or Sophy Theam at (U.S.).