Cambodian-American Network

Improving lives.

After settling in the United States for about a quarter of a century, Cambodian-Americans have pursued and made the American dream. A small number of the population have gone on to four year colleges and universities and even beyond that to become engineers, doctors, nurses, dentists, teachers, interior designers, and even software developers. Most have invested an unbelievable amount of time in various issues in his or her community during and after their success in academia, yet little to none have been recognized for their hard work in the community and many don’t know of each other’s existence and experiences.

"To build a strong community, we must build a strong alliance."

As a result, Light of Cambodian Children, Inc. would like to begin a Cambodian-American Network with the following goals in mind:

  1. To provide a database of role models for our young generations to look up to, and be inspired to succeed and pursue higher education.
  2. To support children and young people in need of social, emotional, and financial assistance.
  3. To create a network of peers so that we can share our ideas, values, and visions of improving our communities.
  4. To recognize the hard work to those whom have help shape and improve the quality of life in the Cambodian-Americans community.

Each year, Light of Cambodian Children, Inc. will organize a special event to recognize distinguished individuals with excellent achievements in the academic field, in their careers, and most importantly for his or her community. Each year one man and one woman will receive an Exemplary Citizen Award from Light of Cambodian Children, Inc. for his and her role in making an impact in his and her community.

Light of Cambodian Children, Inc. encourages you to become a member. The yearly membership fee of $25 will be applied towards the Cambodian-American Scholarship Endowment Fund, currently being held by the Greater Lowell Community Foundation.