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essays and poems from LCC

" When I first heard about this Folktale programs, I thought that it would be a great program to be in. Since I am a Cambodian American girl, knowing not much about my own background I wanted to find out all that I can. In this program I get to practice my Khmer language. I was a little nervous going into this because I knew little Cambodian, but I learned that I didn’t have to be fluent because I will learn during the process. Even though Khmer was my first language, I am better at English. When I was small I knew how to read, write and understand Cambodian. But as I got older it started fading away. This Folktale program gave me an opportunity to learn more about my Cambodian culture. It taught me interviewing skills. I learned a lot about the old folktale stories which basically always almost have some sort of life lesson moral behind them. When we accomplished our first story into a book I felt great knowing that I was a part of something of my Cambodian culture. "

By Chansomnieng Aing
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To My Cousin
" I wish you were here with me
You will always make me laugh when I’m upset
Now your gone and there’s nothing that will bring you back
I ask why you have to go
You were the one everybody love
I will always misses and love you
You were there when I needed you
Time goes by and I’m missing you badly
In your days you tell me to be happy
No matter if something happen
I take your word but this time is different
Now you’re gone
Everyday my life feels like pain
Nobody can’t make me feel happy like those days
Only you could
Sometimes I hear you saying to me
You will always have me in your heart
So don’t be sad, I will always be above you
Looking out for you so there’s no trouble like old times
When I hear your voice it made me feel that you wee there
It makes me very happy
So I had to say this to you Rest In Peace! "

By Sophany Chum
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" My Name is Sovanny Mam, but my friends and family call me Vanny or Ka-bee for short. I am 16 year old and am attending the Greater Lowell Technical High School. I’ll be a junior in the summer of 2008. On my spare time I love to got out and party…though my parent always tell me that I should not do that but what can I say I’m still young and I need my fun….hahaha. Anyways I been in this program for about 2 years since the summer of 2006.Since I been in the program I have learn a lot about my culture and the legend and stories behind it. This program won the Gold Star Award for the state. For more information about this program, please contact Sayon at (978)459-0200 or email: sayon@reaksmey.org. "

By Sovanny Mam
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" Gangs, violence, and shootings describe a lot of things in Lowell but programs like LCC, leadership, and unity can help Lowell. My experience with Light of Cambodian children is a positive one. I got to hang out with my friends in a positive environment. The folktale project is a project I really enjoy. I like learning all these stories because they all have a moral behind them. Drawing the characters and writing the stories is hard at first but when I saw the final product I was proud. I think this program is fun. I get to learn and use Khmer language more. I also get to interact with my elders. "

By Ratha Pheang
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" Hello! My name is John Thach. I am 16 years old and was born on November 12, 1991. I am proud of my last name because it represents my culture, half from my mom’s side and half from my dad’s side. I am Khmer Krom. I am in my second year in high school which means I’m in 10th grade. I currently have more than enough credits to be a junior but I’m still going to work on my school work so I can get into a good college and work to get good money. Right now I am unemployed and looking for my first job. I thought long and hard about what I want my career choice to be, but unfortunately I still haven’t found the right one. I want my job to be perfect for what I want and what I like to do. But first I have to get my education. For college I pinpointed some colleges I what to go because I signed up for them at college career center (as a sophomore) and they explained in the mail what they do to help the students as they learn new things. My only problem is that I don’t want to go to those colleges because my family is in Lowell, Massachusetts. My family is the most important thing to me. They push me to get where I am today and they will to where I am going to be in the future. And that will be where I am going to stay, in succession. "

By John Thach
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" Burger King, McDonalds’, Wendy’s. These are names of restaurants. All these restaurants are in the categories of fast foods. Fast foods can harm you badly. Fast foods Is bad for you because it is fattening and it is going to ruin your organs and other stuff inside your body. It raises a lot of your cholesterol and blood pressure. It makes you have strokes. Most people eat fast foods 3-4 times a day. That could be really harmful. The United States is the fattest country in the world because of fats foods. We need to make people care more about themselves. "

By Thach Vandara
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